Yeasu 991A

Yeasu 991A

FT-991 The Final Analysis

FT-991 The Final Analysis

The final analysis of the ill-fated FT-991. But wait, is there a golden lining? Can you turn their mistake into a benefit for you?

FLDIGI on my Mac machine - installing on both Windows AND Mac

I used the instructions on this page and was able to successfully connect FLDIGI to my FT-991A! Great write up. Thank you!

And, FWIW, I recently installed FLDIGI on my Mac machine. But I then discovered these instructions that cover installing on both Windows AND Mac.

John Spady 4/24/2017

Digital messaging made easy - NBEMS (Narrow-Band Emergency Message System)
You don’t have to have a special interface to use this method of digital communication - just make it so your computer can hear (through its microphone) your radio for receiving. When you are ready to send a message, hold the radio’s mic near the computer’s speakers, press the PTT on the radio, and then the transmit  button in the software.

Begin by downloading the NBEMS suite of applications. Load the latest versions of the fldigi, flwrap, and flmsg applications, available from the following website:

FT-991 AM transmission audio trouble

AM transmission audio trouble 

the problem
Information can be found about the bad transmitted AM audio quality on the internet. To be sure that’s true, I verified this with my FT-991. And the AM audio quality is indeed quite bad. The FET’s from the HF power amplifier of my FT-991 are already replaced (at the Yaesu service centre) and therefore there isn’t a relation between the bad finals and bad AM 
audio quality. Based on my “research” I can conclude that the solution is quite simple and can be done yourself.

verification of the facts
As a start I wanted to be sure that the AM audio quality is indeed bad. The FT-2000 was set in receive mode and a dummy load is connected to the HF antenna port of the FT-991. Both radios are set to the same frequency. On all the HF bands, the AM audio quality was bad. Transmission power and other settings didn’t contribute to better audio.

the cause
The cause of bad AM audio turned out to be a incorrect level setting in the service menu. Service menu item 18-2 is the level setting for the AM carrier level. If you have bad transmitted AM audio quality with your FT-991, it’s likely that the level setting is too high. (My radio was set to “066”.) If the original service procedure is applied, the resulting AM audio is not good. It’s likely that the adjustment of the radio is done correctly at the factory by the instruction, but that the instruction isn’t correct. (According to the service information, the S-meter should be set to “7” during transmission in the service mode at 14.200MHz without modulating.) If the AM carrier level setting is too high, the result is bad audio. I think that some FT-991 circuit is overdriven with bad AM transmission as a result.

the solution

FT991 Extended Transmit range

FT991 Extended Transmit range

A basic method of transmitting in the frequency range 1.8-55.999 Mhz, 137-163.999Mhz, 420-469.999Mhz, with a European version FT991. All the info on this video is for information only, acting on the info is entirely the responsibility of the individual.

FLDIGI Yaesu FT991 SETUP version 3.22.7 WIN 10 COM 3 COM 4

FLDIGI SETUP MY version 3.22.7 WIN 10 COM 3 COM 4

As a couple others have got FLDIGI to work with this write up I want to point out something very interesting.

If you are having real problems please UNINSTALL the ALL COM PORTS (hidden ones too) and there is a check YES UNINSTALL DRIVERS in the uninstall question.

REBOOT then install the YAESU USB drivers from the YAESU FT-991 files section.

Then restart FLDIGI and check the options below.

Settings for FT-991 and FLDIGI doing data-fm on 2m


Settings for FT-991 and FLDIGI doing data-fm on 2m

I have the August 25th Firmware installed.  I held in fast&lock as I powered on to reset all to factory defaults and then...

Menu settings in FT-991.

1/. All set to default (which show as blue colour when viewed on the screen of ft-991 as I scroll though) with the exception of...

menu 031 = 38400bps
menu 033 = disable
menu 077 = USB

3/.  Choose   DATA-FM  mode.

4/. I was on 144.625 as I did tests today.  (UK Band Plan - May be used for Emergency Communications and Community Events - which is why I am testing all this.)

Computer / FLdigi settings

I am using Windows 8.1 on a Lenovo Yoga 2

I installed the USB drivers from Yaesu from file called

Then I connected the USB cable from radio to the USB socket next to power socket on laptop.

Device manager show COM4 as enhanced port and COM3 as standard port.

Yaesu Reciever Comparison

yaesu reciever comparison

Receiver section comparison using ARRL lab results to other Yaesu, Kenwood and ICOM transceivers


Yaesu FT-991 Service Menu Settings

Yaesu FT-991 Service Menu default

The New Yaesu FT-991A

The New Yaesu FT-991A

The New FT-991A – HF/50/144/430 MHz All-Mode “Field Gear” Transceiver – Coming October 2016

The FT-991A is the next-generation of the widely popular FT-991. Like its predecessor, the FT-991A is creatively designed to fit into a very compact (W9.0″ xH3.2″ x D9.3″) rugged case and will deliver up to 100 Watts solid output power (50 Watts on 144/430MHz) on SSB, CW, AM, FM, Packet and C4FM Digital on the popular HF/50/144/430MHzBands.

Yaesu FT-991 Hardware Upgrade Program

FT-991 Hardware Upgrade Program

Coming Soon will be an optional FT-991 Hardware Upgrade Program that will upgrade the original FT-991 currently owned by users to include the new Dynamic Real-Time Spectrum Scope and Multi-Colour Waterfall Display. More Details Coming Soon.

FT-991 with HRD 5.x

This is a very simple to use multi-platform Java application which can be used to convert CAT commands. It can be used to allow controlling newer transceivers using old application (no more updated). The application is user configurable for different transceivers, no matter the CAT protocol used.

As an example you can work in DigiModes using the latest free version of HamRadio Deluxe Suite ( with the new Yaesu FT-991 (which is not supported in that version of the application) using the Yaesu FT-950 model in HRD. Without this application, you will not be able to set or read the frequency from the radio as the number of digits used to represent the frequency is higher for FT-991 (as it covers VHF and UHF bands too) making this application almost useless for the new transceiver.